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3 Ways to Bolster AC Efficiency This Summer in Fairplay, AR

July 7, 2021

In summer, your air conditioner works longer to keep your Fairplay, AR, home cool and comfortable. The longer the air conditioner operates, the higher your energy expenses. The following are ways to boost AC efficiency this summer:

Clean Your Exterior Condenser Cabinet Area

Your air conditioner uses the condenser cabinet to drive off the heat accumulated in your home. It’ll have problems driving away heat from indoors if brush, trees or dirt obstruct the cabinet vent.

You should get the condenser cabinet area cleaned to allow for the efficient removal of heat. Schedule professional HVAC maintenance services to help you clean off the grime and dirt accumulated in the condenser cabinet grill.

Replace the Air Filters Regularly

Your air conditioner’s filters protect your blower fan and system from debris and dust. The filters will clog after working tirelessly to protect your air conditioning system and blower fan. The maximum life for most air filters is three months, so consider getting them replaced when this period is over. Clogged air filters obstruct efficient airflow, forcing your air conditioner to work harder, lowering efficiency levels. Therefore, aim to change yours every month.

Clear the Condensate Drain Line

Finally, your AC system helps to balance your home’s humidity levels.The condensate drain line is responsible for removing the excess moisture that your air conditioner extracts from your home. If it clogs, it can result in an air conditioner breakdown and water damage to your property. Periodically use vinegar to keep the line clear, and if it clogs, contact an HVAC contractor.

For the best AC installation and maintenance services, contact our team of specialists at H&K Heating & Air, INC. We have a solid commitment to quality service and always promise to deliver top-notch AC installation and repairs. What’s more, we care about your comfort.

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