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3 Signs It’s Time to Invest in a New Heat Pump in Bella Vista, AR

February 18, 2022

Heat pumps are an effective way to keep a home warm during the winter in Bella Vista, AR, but it can be useless if it’s not working properly. The signs of a heat pump that needs replacing vary depending on where the system is in its life cycle. Homeowners should be aware of the telltale signs that indicate a heat pump needs replacing immediately.

Long Cycles

Longer than usual heating times are a sign that you should replace your heat pump. When the weather is warmer and a heat pump is not working at its highest capacity, adjusting the indoor temperature to user settings takes longer.

If cycle length is more than six hours, it may be time to replace your system. At H&K Heating & Air, INC., we recommend scheduling maintenance services once a year.

No Cooling Operation

Check the cooling mode. If your compressor isn’t cooling your air, have it inspected by a professional immediately. it’s possible that the reverse valve is stuck. Or maybe there’s a more serious issues that needs a costly repair.

Short Cycles

We may need to replace your heat pump if it’s not functioning properly or it cycles shorter than normal. If you notice that your heat pump is not warming as well as before and that it’s short-cycling, it may be time to check the system.

While there are many signs that the heat pump in your home needs replacing, there are also some signs that can indicate that a problem lies elsewhere. If you’re having trouble pinpointing the issue or you feel that it may be time to purchase a new system, it’s a good idea to get your system checked by a professional.

We can check the efficiency of your system and test it to ensure that it’s functioning properly. For more information on our heating services contact our team at H&K Heating & Air, INC. today.

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