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HVAC Maintenance | Gravette, AR | H&K Heating & Air, Inc.
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HVAC Maintenance in Bentonville, Bella Vista, Gravette, AR & Surrounding Areas

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Every day, homeowners end up paying to repair heating and cooling failures that could have been prevented. Make sure your system isn’t next by scheduling an affordable tuneup from the HVAC maintenance specialists at H&K Heating & Air, INC.

Sign Up for Our Longevity and Efficiency Agreement

Our Longevity and Efficiency Agreement (LEA) is the perfect way to protect your HVAC system against unnecessary wear and tear while saving money at the same time. Our LEA agreement customers enjoy a 10-percent discount on all service parts, materials and labor. Customers also enjoy emergency after-hours service at no increased rate. Agreement holders will be given priority service over non-agreement holders.

When to Schedule Air Conditioning and Heating Maintenance

Routine maintenance can be performed at any time, but sticking to a set schedule ensures maximum protection. As a rule, heating and cooling systems should each be serviced at least annually. Since heat pumps combine both functions in a single package, they should be serviced twice per year.

For best results, it’s a good idea to schedule HVAC maintenance visits during the spring and fall. This ensures you’re always ready to go once the peak cooling and heating seasons begin. Of course, it’s also wise to proactively set up a maintenance visit whenever your HVAC system isn’t performing correctly. After all, it’s much easier to clean or lubricate key components than to replace them after they’ve failed.

What Does Our HVAC Maintenance Check Include?

At H&K Heating & Air, INC., we never cut corners when it comes to keeping your family comfortable. Every detail matters, which is why we follow an exhaustive maintenance checklist to ensure we don’t miss a thing. We have the experience and training to service all makes and models of equipment in accordance with manufacturer specifications. During a typical HVAC maintenance visit, our comfort consultants will:

  • Clean outdoor coils as needed.
  • Inspect indoor coils.
  • Inspect and lubricate fans where applicable.
  • Inspect exposed ductwork for damage.
  • Check comfort controls.
  • Inspect controls and safeties.
  • Test condensate drain.
  • Inspect relays and contactors.
  • Check and record temperatures and pressures (AC and heat pump).
  • Replace air filters.
  • Check carbon monoxide levels (furnaces).
  • Advise owner of any abnormal conditions.

Don’t neglect your HVAC system and expect it to operate efficiently. To schedule heating or air conditioning maintenance, contact H&K Heating & Air, INC. We serve Bella Vista, Bentonville, Centerton, Gravette, Rogers and the surrounding areas in Arkansas.

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