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4 Signs It’s Time to Invest in a New Thermostat in Centerton, AR

September 16, 2021

An old thermostat loses its efficiency over its average lifespan of about 10 years. To maximize HVAC performance, you must upgrade it regularly with the advances in technology. In addition to aging, here are four other signs that indicate you need a new thermostat in your Centerton, AR, home:

Constantly Changing Temperatures

Firstly, if your thermostat is faulty, it’ll have a hard time maintaining your preferred settings. It can constantly adjust and switch settings without warning, creating uncomfortable conditions. A skilled service technician can inspect your thermostat for a conclusive diagnosis during your regular maintenance check.

Incorrect Thermostat Readings

When you find your indoor spaces getting too hot or too cold, your thermostat may be the cause. If it doesn’t register correct readings, it causes your HVAC system to respond incorrectly, leaving you in discomfort with higher utility bills. You can check your thermostat’s accuracy by testing your room’s temperature with a portable indoor thermometer. Wrong readings indicate a malfunction. That’s when you should start looking for a replacement, such as a programmable or smart model.

HVAC System Switches On or Off

You require a new thermostat when your HVAC system fails to take its promptings. That’s because a thermostat’s primary purpose is to communicate with it. Damaged wiring can compromise the link to your HVAC system, which can suddenly turn on or off your heater or air conditioner.

Unresponsive to Adjusted Settings

Normally, your thermostat should instantly respond to any changes you make when adjusting the temperature settings. A correctly functioning thermostat causes the HVAC system to start immediately upon making the changes. Any delayed responses signal an issue and your need to replace it.

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