HVAC Service You Can Trust

When you are facing a heating or cooling failure in your home or business, you need to choose an HVAC contractor that you can trust.

Our licensed and experienced technicians come to your location and diagnose the problems with your system. Whether you need HVAC services for new construction or a second opinion on replacement equipment, we are here for you.

We Save You Money

We meet with you to determine your needs and help you decide whether repair or replacement is the best way to go. Our experts provide you with prompt estimates and proposals, letting you know the benefits of each possible route.

Whether you choose to repair your HVAC system or upgrade to a new, high efficiency system, our job is to save you money and restore your comfort. We take our job very seriously.

Preventive Maintenance

Make sure your system is in peak condition with a Longevity and Efficiency Agreement (LEA) from H&K Heating and Air.

We provide routine maintenance twice a year to ensure that you system is operating at optimal efficiency and solve minor mechanical problems. Our maintenance services are available for as little as $99 per visit.

Read more about our LEA agreement by clicking HERE.