Longevity and Efficiency Agreement

Longevity and Efficiency Agreement

Our Longevity and Efficiency Agreement (LEA) is the perfect way to protect your heating and cooling system against unnecessary wear and tear, while saving money at the same time!

Our LEA agreement provides that all service parts, materials and labor shall be discounted at a rate of 10% off our normal price. Emergency service shall be provided after hours at no increased rate. Agreement holder shall be given priority service over non-agreement holders.

Check Procedures

One of our skilled technicians working on a customer's HVAC unit

Include (but not limited to): *

  • Outdoor Coils Cleaned as necessary
  • Indoor Coil inspected
  • Fans inspected and lubricated where applicable
  • Exposed Ductwork inspected for damage
  • Comfort Control checked
  • Controls and safeties inspected
  • Condensate Drain tested
  • Relays and Contactors inspected
  • Temperatures and Pressures checked and recorded (AC and Heat Pump)
  • Air filters replaced
  • CO check for DANGEROUS Levels (furnace check)
  • Advise owner of any abnormal conditions

* Tests and checks performed are based on the agreement purchased. For instance, heating tests are not performed for cooling checks and vice versa.