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Longevity and Efficiency Agreement (LEA)

All service parts, materials and labor shall be discounted at a rate of %10 off our normal price.  Emergency service shall be provided after hours at no increased rate.  Agreement holder shall be given priority service over non-agreement holders.

Check Procedures

Include (but not limited to):*

  • Outdoor Coils Cleaned as necessary
  • Indoor Coil inspected
  • Fans inspected and lubricated where applicable
  • Exposed Ductwork inspected for damage
  • Comfort Control checked
  • Controls and safeties inspected
  • Condensate Drain tested
  • Relays and Contactors inspected
  • Temperatures and Pressures checked and recorded (AC and Heat Pump)
  • Air filters replaced
  • CO check for DANGEROUS  Levels (furnace check)
  • Advise owner of any abnormal conditions

* Tests and Checks performed based on Agreement Purchased. Heating tests not performed for Cooling check.  Cooling tests not performed for Heating check.