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Another Furnace Issue? Should You Repair or Replace in Gravette, AR?
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Furnace Repair

Another Furnace Issue in Gravette, AR? Should You Repair or Replace?

November 20, 2021

As temperatures cool in Gravette, AR, it’s time to fire up the furnace. If you need multiple repairs to get it up and running, it’s time to consider whether to replace it. Read on to learn whether you should repair or replace your furnace.

The Age of the Furnace

The average service life of a furnace is around 15 to 20 years. Over the years, your furnace will experience wear and tear and will require repairs. However, as it ages, it’ll become less efficient, and repairs won’t help.

At this point, it uses more energy and offers substandard heating. It’ll also cost you more in utility bills.

If your furnace is more than a decade old, it may not be cost-effective to repair it. You can contact your HVAC contractor to learn more about heating replacement service.

Inflating Utility Bills

If your bills keep increasing, the furnace could be the cause. The reason is that your furnace has problems and is running less efficiently. First, compare the current bills with the same month of the previous year.

If you notice a sharp increase, there’s a problem. Contact your HVAC contractor for an inspection. This way, the service technician can advise whether it’s worth repairing or replacing the furnace.

Frequent Need for Repairs

HVAC repairs can be expensive if they’re frequent. It could be cheaper to replace a furnace rather than repairing it each year when new problems crop up. While every appliance will need repairs from time to time, frequent failures indicate that the furnace is past its prime.

Like everything else, your furnace wears out with time, and it eventually fails. If your heating unit has experienced failures more than twice in the past year, it’s time for a new one. Past this point, the repairs may end up costing you more than a replacement.

Strange Noises

A common sign that a furnace is on its last legs is when it starts making strange noises. While furnaces don’t operate silently, noises that are out of the ordinary will indicate problems. Pay attention to sounds like popping and screeching.

For example, clanking is a common sign of loose parts in the furnace. Such noises could get remedied with a simple fix, but if they persist, you may have to replace the unit.

You don’t have to live in constant fear of your furnace breaking down. A little preventive maintenance and a few check-ups can get it in top shape.

However, if your system is past its prime, the better option may be to replace it. For more information on HVAC maintenance services, contact H&K Heating & Air, INC.

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