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Air Conditioner Repair in Bentonville, AR | Furnace Repair in Bella Vista, AR

H&K Heating and Air offers reliable and trustworthy air conditioner repair in Bentonville AR and furnace repair in Bella Vista, AR. When your air conditioning or heating system fails, your home or business quickly becomes a miserable place to be. It is our job to ensure you suffer no longer than absolutely necessary, and we’re good at our job! When you find yourself faced with such an emergency, you should call H&K Heating and Air Conditioner Service for all types of heat and air service. Our technicians have over 20 years experience in heating and cooling.

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For affordable air conditioner repair in Bentonville, AR, trust only the absolute best heating and cooling repair business in Arkansas. When you are dealing with an air conditioning or heating problem, you can always count on our highly professionally trained air conditioner repair technicians, who also specialize in furnace repair in Bentonville AR. When you need furnace repair in Bella Vista, AR, we are the guys to call!

Bentonville AR Furnace Repair | Bella Vista Heat & Air Service

H&K Heating & Air strives to provide the utmost in customer satisfaction to all the heat and air service customers that we serve in the Bentonville AR area. You can rest assured that we will treat your heating and cooling failure with the same concern we would our own family.

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Heating & Cooling in Bella Vista AR | Bentonville Air Conditioning Repair

We offer affordable, quality heat pump repair and air conditioner service to people in Bentonville Arkansas and the surrounding areas. If you’ve got a problem with your heating and air conditioning in Bentonville AR or Bella Vista, then rest assured we can take care of it! We service all models, and cover all residential and light commercial furnace repair and air conditioner repair in Bella Vista Arkansas.

We specialize in air conditioner repair, heat pump repair and furnace repair, and all other types of heating and cooling emergencies. We also can handle new home installations and replacements of air conditioners and furnaces. We proudly boast of our affiliation with American Standard heating and air conditioning products.

Proud to Offer American Standard Air Conditioners, Heat Pumps, and Furnaces

We are an independent American Standard dealer, and we highly recommend using American Standard heating and air conditioning products on new installations in Bentonville and Bella Vista Arkansas. Our trained technicians will diagnose your system problems, and determine if a new, high efficiency air conditioner or heat pump system would be cost effective for you.

American Standard offers many different systems that are ideal for various installation needs. The American Standard product line is so expansive, in fact, it would be impossible to detail them all on our website. For all heating and air conditioning repair, call the absolute best heat & air company in the Bentonville Arkansas area.

We Save Bentonville Money on Furnace Repair & Air Conditioner Repair

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At H&K Heating and Air, we do more than install heating and air conditioning units. In fact, we take our name very seriously, and it is our goal to provide exceptional heating and cooling service on each and every call.

For more information or to set up an appointment, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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Upgrade Your Home Comfort System

At H&K Heating and Air, we strive to ensure our customers are comfortable in their own homes. If your air conditioning or heating systems fail, your level of comfort will diminish very quickly. Our job is to restore your heating and cooling to its working condition, and make sure you don’t suffer any longer than you have to.

We are an independent American Standard dealer, and our technicians are highly trained to service any make and model of air conditioner, heat pump, or furnace that we come across.

If we can’t fix the problem in your home, we can install new equipment that will heat and cool your home more efficiently, as well as fit your budget.

We service residential and light commercial customers in northwest Arkansas and southwwest Missouri. Speak with one of our highly trained experts now by calling (888) 653-2154, or fill out the “Book A Service Call” form on the left!

Why Choose Us?

  • You Receive Direct Access to Our Owner, Jeff Hendren.
  • Our Family Has Been Here Since the Civil War.
  • Our Experts Have over 20 Years of Experience.
  • We Offer Reliable Services at Competitive Prices.
  • We Are in Good Standing with the Better Business Bureau.
  • We Are Licensed, Bonded, and Insured.